The ongoing process of comparing outcomes and practices to those of similar organizations, with the intention of continuously improving quality and performance.

This platform is intended to facilitate benchmarking among state DOTs. Get started by defining a peer group or jumping straight to the performance measures.

Find Peers

With the Peer Selection tool you can find agencies like you. Use the predefined peer grouping for your agency, or select the characteristics most important to you to create custom.

Compare Performance

Compare performance over time and across agencies with a number of chart options. Or, form a benchmarking network to compare performance using custom measures.

Learn & Improve

Share your success with others through AASHTO's other Transportation Performance Management resources.

Why Benchmark?

Transportation system performance involves a diverse set of agencies that operate at all levels of government; with varied spans of responsibilities across transportation modes; and within the context of different laws, regulations, and public priorities. These agencies increasingly are pressed to publicly report statistics on performance of the systems they manage, but there are very few commonly applicable definitions, criteria, or standards for how system performance is to be measured. Benchmarking—comparing one’s performance with that of carefully selected peers—uses appropriate comparisons to assist in identifying desirable levels of performance, and perhaps more importantly, learning how to achieve them.

"The AASHTO community is more ready than it’s ever been to do benchmarking"

–Carlos Braceros, Utah DOT CEO (Project interview - AASHTO Spring Meeting 2017)